Unexpected Pleasure Surprise


A brunette girl trying to convince her partner that the should used the new oil, but her partner disagree. She then continue to try to use the oil on her partner by giving her massage with the oil. Then her partner start to undress herself little by little, until she completely naked. The tension is rises cause it turn on both of them, then the brunette start to lick her pussy, got undress and they start having a really hot steamy and oily sex together.

The way that the create the story line is really good, and they moved slowly and build up the tension bit by bit. The two girls are the perfect pairing for each other, both really hot and sexy petite body. Beautifully done in a modern office setting, and conveniently and massage bed in the room.

Both of them are really pretty, the way that the brunette was pitching the idea and turn into a seduction is amazing. The way the blonde become turn on and slowly seduce the brunette and make her massage her whole body also really good. The most amazing part when the brunette slowly going in to lick the blond pussy.