Seducing My Roommates To Have Sex With Me


A girl introduce herself and her two friend, and explaining that they are housemates and that the three of them are lesbian. She also says that her friend was watching her when she have sex with the other roommate in the bathroom, so she decide to seduce her and see if she will have sex with her. She start to kiss one of them at the time, and then one of her roommates leave the kitchen so that they can have sex together.

The scene is shot in the kitchen, and the is a camera that is outside looking in the kitchen so that the girl can go towards it and explain the story. They stay in the kitchen for the shot, and move toward the corner of the kitchen where there is less stuffs and a perfect place to shoot them from. They also shoot close up to highlight what is happening in the moment and makes it even great to watch with the up close shot.

The girls are all pretty and petite bodies. The way that the first girl just go in and make a move to the other girls is really bold and hot. They really take their time to explore each other bodies and not in a rush to take all of their clothes at once. The other girl moaning is really hot, and seems like she been craving the moment for a long time and she finally get it.